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Universal Library Collection

Collection characteristic

Universal library collection is an assemblage of materials of domestic and foreign provenance published from 1801 to the present. The character of individual levels or parts of the collection is defined by historical context and subsequent determination of subject matter, provenance and type of material. Apart from these publications it contains a collection of manuscripts, incunabula and old imprints (works published to 1800 inclusive).

Legal deposit copies are a main source for obtaining publications produced domestically. What represents a legal deposit copy is stated in the legislation of a given period. Other sources are purchases and gifts. Materials are acquired in all subjects and formats to achieve a relatively full coverage of contemporary and retrospective domestic production.

Foreign production is acquired through purchases, international book exchange and gifts. Acquisition is selective, oriented on social and natural sciences, culture and arts. Other subjects including fiction are present in somewhat limited degree. The extent of language and provenance structure of the collection is very broad. It contains works from all over the world (places of origin are not rigourously defined) published in classical languages (Latin, Greek) as well as in world or well frequented languages and less known European languages, and oriental and other non-European tongues. As far as the type of material is concerned, the basis of the collection consists of printed works (monographs, serials, etc.). At present we are extending acquisition of non-print materials (microforms, electronic resources, audio-visuals, etc.) Within the collection, there are large complete sets of specific works, such as music, and a depository collection of UN documents.

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