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Collection evaluation

The collection was evaluated using the conspectus method. It contains a table. Within individual subject areas the present state of the collection is determined. The table also expresses a strategy for collection development with respect to the institutional mission, and determines present acquisition policies that issue from the collection development strategy but transform this goal into circumstances given by financial resources for acquisition. By clicking on individual codes for collection level set according to the conspectus and on language codes you get their description and meaning.

Foreign production


  Universal Library Collection - Foreign production        
  CL = present level of the collection (what we already have)        
  AC = acquisition policy (what we acquire)        
  GL = collection development strategy (what we should acquire)        
  L = language        
Number/content Subject area category CL AC GL L
1 Agriculture 2a 1a 2a S
2 Anthropology 3a 2b 4 W
3 Art and Architecture 3b 2b 4 W
4 Biological Sciences 3b 3b 4 W
5 Business and Economics 2b 1b 3b W
6 Chemistry 2b 2b 4 W
7 Computer Science 1a 1a 3a S
8 Education 2b 2b 4 W
9 Engineering and Technology 1b 1a 2a W
10 Geography and Earth Science 3b 2b 4 W
11 History and Auxiliary Sciences 3c 2b 4 W
12 Language, Linguistics, and Literature 4 3b 4 W
13 Law 3a 1b 3c W
14 Library Science 3c 3c 4 W
15 Mathematics 2b 2b 4 W
16 Medicine 2b 1b 2a S
17 Music 3c 3b 4 W
18 Performing Arts 2b 2a 4 W
19 Philosophy and Religion 4 3b 4 W
20 Physical Education and Recreation 1a 1a 2a S
21 Physical Sciences 3b 2b 4 W
22 Political Science 4 3c 4 W
23 Psychology 2b 2b 4 W
24 Sociology 2b 2b 4 W


The table clearly shows how a chronic lack of finances for acquisition of foreign language literature thwarts the National Library mission. Dearth of newly published Foreign production in the National Library collections has, in view of the library's peerless position, a negative effect on research and development, and general level of learning in the country. Growing gaps in the collection of foreign language works will be hard, if not impossible, to fill. Needless to say that these omissions diminish the worth of the entire National Library collection.

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