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Collection Development Strategy

Collection development strategy for individual subject areas is clearly indicated in the following table and explained in the text. By clicking on individual subject categories you get detail information on collection development strategy, by clicking on individual codes for collection level set according to the conspectus and on language codes you get their description and meaning.

Domestic production


  National Archival Collection - domestic production    
  GL = collection development strategy (what we should acquire)    
  L = language    
Number/content Subject area category GL L
1 Agriculture 5 P
2 Anthropology 5 P
3 Art and Architecture 5 P
4 Biological Sciences 5 P
5 Business and Economics 5 P
6 Chemistry 5 P
7 Computer Science 5 P
8 Education 5 P
9 Engineering and Technology 5 P
10 Geography. Geology. Earth Sciences 5 P
11 History and Auxiliary Sciences 5 P
12 Language, Linguistics, and Literature 5 P
13 Law 5 P
14 Library Science 5 P
15 Mathematics 5 P
16 Medicine 5 P
17 Music 5 P
18 Performing Arts 5 P
19 Philosophy and Religion 5 P
20 Physical Education and Recreation 5 P
21 Physical Sciences 5 P
22 Political Sciences 5 P
23 Psychology 5 P
24 Sociology 5 P

Domestic production

All Subject Categories

Goal: 5 comprehensive level - development of a section of the National Archival Collection containing domestic production in achievable entirety regardless of subject matter. The collection is built mainly from non-periodic works received due to fully implemented legal deposit copy legislation and from legal deposit copy of printed periodicals.

Coverage (languages, country, date):

Languages: not crucial when meeting all other criteria (in reality it is mostly Czech)

Country: Czech Republic (i.e. present territory)

Date: works published since 1901

Type of materials: all works, which, according to the legislation in effect, are subject of legal deposit copies (at present monographs, serials, cartographic materials, graphic works, music, audio recordings, multimedia, electronic resources on permanent medium, microformss). From other sources we retrospectively secure missing monographs, individual issues of periodicals or complete runs, plus material which does not fall under legal deposit legislation (such as industrial standards, videos, publicity materials, new electronic media, periodicals issued on permanent electronic medium).

Link to other institutions:

Subject oriented and interdisciplinary user links - collection is accessible in exceptional cases only when it is clearly established that a required work is not available through any other means.

Users - unspecified group of exceptional users

Link to other resources:

Relevant collections or parts thereof - see collections of libraries with a right to all plus regional legal deposit copies.

Further information:

Materials published in historical territories of the Czech Republic, or respectively the Czechoslovak Republic (i.e. territory outside the present Czech Republic) and missing Slovak works published between 1935 and 1992 inclusive are retrospectively acquired as a part of acquisition of foreign language works (see National Archival Collection - foreign production).

We do not retrospectively acquire scholarly and university qualification works, miscellaneous, occasional and trade publications including corporate imprints, stamps and duty stamps, relief and wall maps, three dimensional objects, films, software, Braille imprints.

At the moment, we do not collect remote (web) electronic resources. Their acquisition is planned in near future when we set means and extent of their procurement.

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