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Study Collection

Collection development strategy

Collection development strategy for individual subject categories is clearly indicated in a table and specified in the text. By clicking on individual subject categories you get detail information on collection development strategy, by clicking on individual codes for collection level set according to the conspectus and on language codes you get their description and meaning.


  Study Collection    
  GL = collection development strategy (what we should have)    
  L = language    
Number/content Subject area category GL L
1 Agriculture 2a P
2 Anthropology 2a P
3 Art and Architecture 2a P
4 Biological Sciences 2a P
5 Business and Economics 2a P
6 Chemistry 2a P
7 Computer Science 2a P
8 Education 2a P
9 Engineering and Technology 2a P
10 Geography and Earth Science 2a P
11 History and Auxiliary Sciences 2a P
12 Language, Linguistics and Literature 2a P
13 Law 2a P
14 Library Science 2a P
15 Mathematics 2a P
16 Medicine 2a P
17 Music 2a P
18 Performing Arts 2a P
19 Philosophy and Religion 2a P
20 Physical Education and Recreation 2a P
21 Physical Sciences 2a P
22 Political Science 2a P
23 Psychology 2a P
24 Sociology 2a P

Study Collection

All subject categories:

Goal: 2a basic information level - limited collection of introductory and reference resources

Coverage (languages, country, date of publication)

Languages: Czech

Country: Czech Republic

Date of publication: strict selection from current books production, no retrospective acquisition

Type of materials: books, university and higher education texts

Link to other institutions:

Subject and interdisciplinary links - collection is open to users who study on basic and introductory level. A link to other disciplines is not monitored.

Users - unspecified group of diverse users

Link to other resources: relevant collections or parts thereof - generally collections of public libraries

Further information:

Selectively acquired materials:

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